On CNN Thursday, conservative analyst S.E. Cupp discussed Bill Maher's "Cuomo Prime Time" interview on the state of politics the previous night — and agreed with him that former President Donald Trump is not finished attacking American democracy.

"This is where the [Republican] Party is at," said Cupp. "Liz Cheney is up on the high horse and Ted Cruz doing the real work, fighting Big Bird."

"And more or less everything you've just said, right, Bill Maher says even with all that, this is still going to happen for Donald Trump," added anchor John Berman. "Let's listen."

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"The Republican Party, as much as I keep hearing about, oh, Trump, he's not as relevant anymore — trust me, he's going to run. Absolutely," said Maher in the clip. "He's going to get the nomination. And I certainly wouldn't be surprised if he just won the election. But even if he doesn't win the election, he will say he won the election. There is no doubt that he will say he won."

"Well, here's where you misspoke," said Cupp. "You said even with all that, maybe Trump — no. Because of all that. It's because of everything that Republicans have done to condition this environment, making nothing matter, lowering the bar, forgetting about things about things that you and I care about but no one else does. That's why they will get power again. That's why Donald Trump will 100 percent have another shot at destroying and dismantling democracy."

Watch below:

Trump will '100 percent' get another chance at 'dismantling democracy' in 2024 www.youtube.com