Hannity interview with Trump goes off-script after former president rants about the Bush family
Donald Trump speaking to Sean Hannity (Photo: Screen capture)

Speaking to Sean Hannity on Tuesday, former President Donald Trump promoted what he said was perfect leadership in Afghanistan under his presidency.

First, he claimed that in the last year-and-a-half, no Americans died in Afghanistan. According to the data from iCasulties.org nine US people died in 2020 and 22 died in 2019.

Trump then moved on to answer questions from Hannity about the "Deal" that Trump did with the Taliban. According to Trump, there was a provision that said if the Taliban took over more than 5 percent of Afghanistan then "we would have hit them really hard."

Trump's deal was based on a timeline, but U.S. Institute of Peace's director of Afghanistan and Central Asian programs argued at the time that Trump should be talking about preconditions before a timeline.

But when prompted to attack President Joe Biden's approach to the withdrawal, Trump said that the real culprit in the Afghan problems are the Bushes.

"I know the Bush family will not be happy but I think it's the worst mistake in our history to go into the Middle East," Trump said.

Watch the interview below: