Former Trump aides are still raking in $200,000 a month -- thanks to US taxpayers
Official White House photo by Shealah Craighead.

Taxpayers are still footing the bill for Donald Trump to pay aides, Business Insider reported Monday.

"President Donald Trump's advisor Stephen Miller lost his White House access on January 20, but he continues to pocket a government paycheck — and is slated to do so until late July, according to government records," Business Insider reported. "Miller is one of at least 17 people who continued to receive taxpayer-funded salaries while working for Trump's post-presidential transition office, according to government documents released to Insider under the Freedom of Information Act. Trump's post-presidential staff is expected to receive about $1.3 million in federal salary and benefits between January 20 and July 21, when the formal presidential transition period ends, according to an estimate prepared by the General Services Administration."

That allows Trump to spend more than $200,000 a month on salary and benefits.

"For Trump, accepting public money has meant employing 10 transition aides in Palm Beach, Florida — where Trump has been living since he left the White House — and another seven aides in an office building in Arlington, Virginia. The GSA redacted five of the staffers' names in the documents provided to Insider. Miller, a former White House advisor who crafted Trump's immigration policies, has remained on Trump's post-presidential transition staff, earning an annualized salary of $160,000, the documents show," Business Insider revealed. "Scavino is the highest paid staffer on the team, with an annual salary of $172,500, the maximum allowed, according to a GSA document. Scavino was expected to remain on staff through July."