Donald Trump tells Mar-a-Lago crowd: 'I'm a victim'
Donald Trump delivering a speech at a campaign rally held at the Mohegan Sun Arena. (Evan El-Amin /

Donald Trump whined about his perceived persecution during his Tuesday evening 2024 campaign announcement at Mar-a-Lago.

"But as I've said before, the gravest threats to our civilization are not from abroad but from within," Trump argued. "None is greater than the weaponization from the justice system, the FBI, and the DOJ. We must conduct a top-to-bottom overhaul to clean out the festering rot and corruption of Washington, D.C."

Trump's vow to take on the entities investigating him resulted in the crowd at Mar-a-Lago cheering.

"Thank you," Trump said to his supporters. "Thank you."

"And I am a victim, I will tell you," Trump claimed. "I am a victim. "

He then went on to complain about the FBI executing a search warrant at Mar-a-Lago, wondering why they didn't "raid" Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and an unspecified President Bush.

Later in his speech, which lasted more than one hour, Trump argued that his wife was also a victim.

"And it hasn't been a joyride for our great first lady either," Trump said. "It hasn't been a joyride."

He went on to warn that supporting his 2024 comeback campaign may not be an enjoyable experience.

"We will be attacked," Trump predicted. "We will be slandered. We will be persecuted, just as I have been -- I mean, I have been -- but many people in this room have been."

Watch the video below.