'Green light for extremists': Columnist argues Trump's GOP has mainstreamed anti-Semitism
Elizabeth Preza, AlterNet

Donald Trump's Republican Party tolerates anti-Semitism, but America doesn't have to go along with it, according to a new Daily Beast column.

"Why does America tolerate the GOP’s blatant anti-Semitism?" columnist Wajahat Ali asked. "I again asked this question after listening to former President Trump’s unabashed anti-Semitism on fully display during an interview with Israeli journalist Barak Ravid. Here, Trump invoked the hateful “dual loyalty” trope, saying, “I’ll tell you, the Evangelical Christians love Israel more than the Jews in this country,” and complaining that The New York Times hates Israel in the same breath that he said the newspaper is run by Jews."

Ali argued that GOP conspiracy theories are "just a lousy remake of the Elders of the Protocols of Zion."

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"They’ve even updated the blood libel conspiracy for the modern era. The conservatives aligned with QAnon believe liberals are part of an international cabal of sex traffickers who bear the “mark of the beast,” and kidnap, molest and kill children," he explained. "And so these conspiracies persist and flourish, radicalizing the likes of Ashili Babbitt, who showed up at the US Capitol on Jan. 6 committed to unleashing 'the storm,' a QAnon codeword for violence, before being shot and killed by a Capitol police officer."

Ali explained how Republicans have a multi-part plan to avoid being labeled as anti-Semitic.

"Despite all this evidence of blatant antisemitism, Republicans nonetheless have been able to avoid being labeled antisemitic despite bathing in it nearly every day though a simple five-step plan: 1) Deny, 2) Project, 3) Deflect — those first three steps, by the way, are straight out of Roger Stone’s “rules” to “Admit nothing, deny everything, launch counterattack” — 4) Praise Israel, and 5) Attack Ilhan Omar," he wrote.

Ali warned the GOP's position will result in more violence.

"Everyone has moved on from Trump’s latest antisemitic outburst because the zone is indeed flooded with shit, but our communities can’t afford to brush it off, laugh, refer to it as a 'trip up,' or be complacent. These hateful words, mainstreamed, praised and promoted by our elected officials, are a green light for extremists to “stand back and stand by” as they prepare to unleash violence against fellow Americans," Ali wrote. "The GOP’s antisemitism is fuel for their fire, and silence and apathy makes people into complicit co-arsonists."

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