'He's a sociopath': CNN analyst warns there's 'no telling what Trump will do' if charged
Donald Trump in Waco (Photo by Suzanne Cordeiro for AFP)

Former President Donald Trump is a "sociopath" who could be unpredictable and dangerous when an indictment against him comes down, said former state lawmaker and political analyst Bakari Sellers on CNN Wednesday.

This comes amid news that an indictment, widely expected from a grand jury empaneled by the Manhattan District Attorney for bookkeeping fraud in the Stormy Daniels case, is unlikely to be put to a vote this week.

At the same time, other cases, like the federal January 6 probe, continue to advance.

"There's so many investigations swirling around the former president right now, but he came out, he said that in this one in Manhattan, the Manhattan D.A.'s potential case against him or the potential indictment against him," said anchor Jessica Dean. "He thought he'd be arrested last Tuesday. That never came to be, but yet we talked about it for a whole week. He was able to go to Waco, Texas, and say that he was a victim, that he's being persecuted."

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"Is this just another example of him, kind of playing everything to his strengths, inserting himself back into the conversation?" she continued. "And how do you think he continues to deal with that moving forward in this race?"

"So I don't give Trump that much credit being this genius that's able to manipulate everyone around him and take these moments and utilize them to this advantage," said Sellers. "I think that he's a sociopath. And I think that what you're starting to see is that behavior as he has his back against the wall."

"You know, I'm not sure how strong the case is in Manhattan, but again, no one man is above the law," added Sellers. "But I think that as as the pressure begins to squeeze Donald Trump, his back gets against the wall. With that type of psychopathy, no telling what this man may do."

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