Trump will leave office without 'protective' pardons for himself or his family: Fox News
Fox News/screen grab

President Donald Trump is not expected to pardon himself or members of his family when he issues around 100 pardons before leaving office this week.

Multiple news outlets reported on Monday that Trump is expected to issue about 100 pardons for people, including white collar criminals and at least one high-profile rapper.

Fox News host John Roberts confirmed that the outgoing president will not issue "protective" pardons for himself or his family.

"Sources with knowledge of the process tell @FoxNews that President Trump is NOT EXPECTED to issue 'protective' pardons to members of his family, and is NOT expected to attempt a protective pardon for himself," Roberts revealed.

However, Trump has already pardoned at least one family member: Charles Kushner, the father of son-in-law Jared Kushner.

White House attorneys have reportedly urged the president not to pardon himself or his family. Some advisers fear that controversial pardons could increase the chances of a guilty verdict at Trump's upcoming Senate impeachment trial.