Trump rages at Bill Barr after he suggests DOJ has enough evidence to indict him
President Donald Trump and Attorney General Bill Barr, Official White House photo by Shealah Craighead

Donald Trump is once again lashing out at a former ally who had served in his cabinet.

"Sloppy Bill Barr was a weak and ineffective Attorney General who was fired (he didn’t quit!), and now he’s nothing more than a disgruntled former 'employee.' Barr was a 'Bushie' who was petrified of being Impeached, which the Dems were going to do until he changed course on the rigged election," Trump said, repeating his debunked lie of a rigged election.

Trump went to say the Mar-a-Lago documents case was actually a hoax.

"He knows nothing about the document hoax, and as a lawyer and former A.G., shouldn’t be talking," Trump said.

"Weak RINO Bill Barr always caved to the Dems, and is a disgrace to the Republican Party, and our Nation!" Trump added.

Trump's Truth Social outburst came one day after the New York Post published an op-ed by Barr under the title, "Trump threatens to burn down the GOP, it's time to move on."

Barr wrote, "it is now clear he lacks the qualities essential to achieving the kind of unity and broad election victory in 2024 so necessary if we are to right our listing republic. It is time for new leadership."

In an interview that aired Saturday, Barr told PBS News, “I personally think that they probably have a basis for legitimately indicting the president."

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