Trump is walking away from his COVID deal to create drama like a 'game show host': CNN
Donald Trump (Shutterstock)

On CNN Saturday, New York journalist and podcaster Errol Louis suggested that outgoing President Donald Trump is treating the current round of COVID-19 stimulus negotiations like an episode of "The Apprentice."

"The president called this coronavirus bill a 'disgrace' this week after his administration negotiated many of the terms," said anchor John Avlon. "Now, he's pushing for a $2,000 direct payment to Americans. House Republicans rejected that on Christmas Eve. Lindsey Graham now supports it. So what in the world is going on here, and do you think the GOP is going to get on board with the president's demands?"

"What's going on, Jon, is the very thing that the president wanted, which is chaos," said Louis. "He lost the election, and is now reverting to his prior businesses as a commercial operator and a game show host, which you kind of at the last minute walk away from the deal or threaten to blow up the deal, even if it's one that you yourself negotiated. That is what he's doing. So Donald Trump gets the number one thing that he wants, which is all of us asking what is it that Donald Trump wants."

"Day by day, he gets closer to having to leave the White House and leave power forever, so this is the way he operates," continued Louis. "This is the way his game show would sort of proceed here, you know. You're kind of on pins and needles waiting to see what will happen. The unfortunate part of all of this, of course, is that it's going to leave millions of people with, at a minimum uncertainty, and at [worst] with less aid than they would have gotten had the president simply signed the bill that his administration negotiated. So that's where we are right now, and it in fact could get worse."

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