Biographer anticipates Trump's future will be much like his 'disgrace-filled past'

One of Donald Trump's biographers, Michael D'Antonio, explained in a op-ed that the former president was never going to disappear after he left the White House.

"Of course, some of the sprockets and springs are loose and broken," D'Antonio said. "But the sputtering spectacle continues as Trump, along with his allies and enablers, fashion a post-presidency unlike any other. All you have to do is turn on the TV or check your news feed and there he and his minions are."

He explained that Trump is blazing his own trail like a flaming meteor. While most presidents turn their lives into service and charity after leaving office, Trump has turned to investments and money-making ventures.

"He has already set up a website,, that offers visitors an option to fill out forms to request a personalized greeting or to attend an event," he wrote. "While it's unclear whether he's charging a fee, many reality TV stars have cashed in on personalized greetings and former presidents get big bucks for speeches and appearances. By soliciting offers on his website, Trump could be cutting out the middle man -- along with any agent fees or commissions. In the meantime, he and his allies enjoy occasional moments in the spotlight that remind us of what once was. The future, it seems, will be much like their disgrace-filled past."

D'Antonio goes on to walk through all of the ways that Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) is just as dispicable as Trump.

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