Trump's merchandise site offering bullet necklaces 'for her' -- just in time for Mother's Day
Mary Trump (Photo: Screen capture)

Nothing quite says "I love you, mom," like ammunition. But that's what former President Donald Trump is offering in the jewelry section of his website.

CREW research director Robert Maguire made the discovery about the "single link concho necklace" Monday, posting it to Twitter.

"A classic accessory for everyday wear, our Concho Necklace is inspired by our crowd favorite Concho Bracelet!" the description on the site says. "Perfect for layering or standing on its own, each gold necklace has been delicately crafted to pair well with every occasion."

A "concho," according to Texas Unique Stores, is a metal disk that typically has "two slits to allow saddle strings to pass through and secure the saddle's skirts to the saddle tree"

In this case, the hole is filled with a bullet and says TRUMP around it. The necklace is only a gold plated over brass chain and the emblem is brass with a nickel inner ring.

Before dying in 2000, Mary Trump, the former president's mother, gave an interview where she proclaimed "what kind of son have I created." It's unclear if the necklace is a Freudian item.

Mother's Day is May 9.