'It’s all in writing': Nicole Wallace breaks down damning new Trump campaign memo

MSNBC anchor Nicolle Wallace on Tuesday broke down the breaking news on "what the Trump campaign knew and when they knew it" about the truth of the results of the 2020 presidential election.

"Breaking news this afternoon from The New York Times that could represent a serious threat to Donald Trump's 2020 campaign and potentially even to the former president himself. Their claims about election fraud were a lie — and Trump's campaign reportedly knew it," Wallace reported.

Trump's campaign reportedly knew that Dominion did not use Smartmatic, and also knew that Dominion did not have ties to Venezuela or George Soros.

"That's about as clear and unequivocal as it can get," Wallace said. "That members of the Trump campaign knew there was no evidence to support the conspiracy theories Trump and his allies were very publicly spouting — and it's all in writing."

Wallace interviewed Michael Steel, a spokesperson for Dominion, who said the report showed that "these claims that the president's supporters were making were not knowingly false, they were easily knowingly false."

Steel added that Trump's allies could have debunked their own claims using a "simple Google search" because "it was easy and obvious what they were trying to portray as reality is simply not true."


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