Trump gave a big chunk of money to Candace Owens' foundation before she interviewed him
Sarah K. Burris

It was just a few years ago that conservative Candace Owens was the CEO of a website that mocked the penis size of Donald Trump and now she's taking $350,000 from him, and helping to promote him, recalled New York Times reporter Ken Vogel.

Owens did an interview with Trump on Tuesday, but the interview came after her organization, the Blexit Foundation, was paid a large sum of money in 2020 from a nonprofit linked to the former president.

A 2018 Buzzfeed report cited Owen's website, Degree180, as being one of the conservative anti-Trump websites to embrace the Never-Trump movement. While it is now defunct, there were pieces "Serious Question: Is Donald Trump a Social Experiment?" Another story referred to Trump's Muslim Ban with a headline reading, "You guys remember Nazi Germany, right?"

"The idea of you being my future President makes my skin crawl, but you did provide me with a new sense of political awareness," said a sarcastic thank you note to Trump in an April 2016 post.

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But it was the investigative report from March 18, 2016, asking, "Does Donald Trump Actually Have a Small Penis?" that was the worst. The tale preempted the revelations from former lover Stormy Daniels about the president's member.

"Donald Trump most likely has a penis the size of an infant," the story concluded. "Hitler is the one guy that comes to mind that may have topped him."

Just a few years later, Trump and Owens were smiling and chatting.

See the list of Trump donations below:

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