Watch: Trump's new attempt to whitewash his role in Capitol riot dismantled on CNN

On CNN Saturday, media correspondent Brian Stelter laid into former President Donald Trump for his TV interview claiming the Capitol rioters were "hugging and kissing" police officers.

"What's the impact of the [former] president coming on trying to dress this up as hugging and kissing the police officers, when we watched them beat them with hockey sticks and poles?" asked anchor Victor Blackwell.

"Most Americans saw through it," said Stelter. "Only his most loyal followers went ahead with his lies. I looked at — one of his campaign re-election messages from last fall is, we are backing the blue and the blue is backing Donald Trump, that Donald Trump was the pro-police president and, of course, that has been a narrative for the past few years. He has blown that narrative apart by claiming rioters who were trying to injure police and they were trying to hug police. They were trying to hang Mike Pence, not hug Mike Pence.

"Trump, he may or may not know that, we don't know what's in his psyche, but we know he's unable to stop speaking and get off television and let President Biden be in charge," continued Stelter. "That is very revealing where he is in this post-presidency. When George H.W. Bush lost in 1992, he went away and nobody heard from him for months or years after that. Trump is the opposite of the Bushes, and here we are. I think this attempt will only work among a small minority of Americans, but it's still shameful, it's still shameful even if it doesn't work on anybody."

Watch below:

Brian Stelter slams Trump's revisionist history on Capitol riot