CNN national security analyst Juliette Kayyem on Monday thrashed former President Donald Trump over new revelations about his actions during the January 6th Capitol riots.

While discussing the Washington Post's report on Sunday that offered new details into Trump refusing for hours to tell his supporters to stand down, Kayyem said that the entire riot seemed much more coordinated than had been previously believed.

"The reporting shows the extent to which Donald Trump is not a bumbling fool," she said. "He's not an idiot. He is so diabolical throughout the day of January 6th."

She notes that even after the riot occurred, Trump still pushed for his allies in Congress to vote against certifying the results of the 2020 election.

"It doesn't get worse than that, as I often say," she said. "It really was diabolical."

Host Alisyn Camerota then added that Trump had the option to call for his supporters to withdraw from the Capitol but refused to do so for 187 minutes as the riots occurred.

"187 minutes, Donald Trump did nothing," she said. "He stood down. He could have called for help. He could have prevented those 140 police officers from being injured. He could have prevented people from being killed that day. He does nothing for 187 minutes."

'Diabolical': CNN analyst slams Trump over new revelations about his actions during MAGA riot