Laurence Tribe demolishes Trump's 'laughable' claim that his blockade of Jan 6 commission is to protect the Constitution
Harvard Law School Professor Laurence Tribe on MSNBC (screengrab)

On Wednesday's edition of CNN's "OutFront," former Harvard Law professor Laurence Tribe weighed in on former President Donald Trump's lawsuit to block the House select committee investigating the January 6 Capitol attack from obtaining White House records.

"I want to ask you about the case President Trump is making in his lawsuit against the committee," said anchor Erin Burnett. "He does not want a subset of documents to come out from the National Archives. 45 of them, specifically. It's all scheduled to come out on November 12th. What do you make of the arguments that he is making in his lawsuit?"

"Well, I think they are too weak to deceive a judge as fair and smart as Judge Chutkan," said Tribe. "His claim that he is not trying to hide the truth, but just preserve the Constitution, is really quite laughable."

"His claim that it would be unconstitutional for the current president's view of executive privilege to trump his view, that is, the former president's view, is also mistaken," continued Tribe. "Although, the former president's view will be taken into account. His claim that the executive privilege, if it does apply and the attorney-client privilege, if it applies, are absolute has been rejected repeatedly by the courts. Those privileges sometimes have the crime-fraud exception for information that is part and parcel of a crime, like insurrection or an attempted coup."

Watch below:

Laurence Tribe says Trump's privilege claim is "laughable"