Trump is ending his presidency as he ran it — with 'shakeups and shakedowns': analysis
Common Dreams

On Monday, NBC News broke down the significance of how President Donald Trump is ending his presidency — and how the past few weeks of "shakeups and shakedowns" encapsulates the entirety of his time in office.

"False claims and conspiracy theories," wrote Chuck Todd, Mark Murray, Carrie Dan, and Melissa Holzberg. "Chaos. Firings and staff shakeups. Controversial pardons. Defeats in Congress and the courts. A divided Republican Party – split between those willing to do the president's bidding and those thinking he's gone too far. And to top it all off, a leaked phone call asking Georgia's secretary of state to overturn the election results on a day when U.S. coronavirus deaths surpass 350,000."

"Re-read those events from Jan. 2," continued the article, showing a timeline of all the Trump stories that have taken place since the election. "On the same day that GOP senators say they will challenge the election results on Wednesday — asking for an audit of the election as their stated goal — the president of the United States picked up the phone, called Georgia's secretary of state and asked him to overturn the election in that state."

The end result is a fracturing of the Republican Party that threatens to destabilize their power even if they retain control of the Senate.

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