Trump sues NY's Letitia James for 'war of intimidation and harassment'
Donald Trump speaking at CPAC 2011 in Washington, D.C. (Gage Skidmore/ Flickr)

Donald Trump has filed a lawsuit in Florida state court against New York Attorney General Letitia James.

In a 41-page filing before the Florida State Circuit Court in Palm Beach, County, the former president sought to shield his Florida state revocable trust from any investigation by state of New York.

The filing argued any investigation would violate his right to privacy and violate his rights as a grantor and beneficiary of the Donald J. Trump Revocable Trust.

"Extraordinary wrongdoing requires extraordinary relief," the lawsuit began. "As set forth below, James has repeatedly abused her position as Attorney General for the State of New York to pursue a relentless, pernicious, public, and unapologetic crusade against President Trump, a resident of Palm Beach County, Florida, with the stated goal of destroying him personally, financially, and politically."

The lawsuit claimed, "James’ war of intimidation and harassment on President Trump, his family, his business interests, and his associates is longstanding and continuing."

The lawsuit went on to accuse the attorney general of ethical misconduct by seeking restitution in her $250 million lawsuit against the Trump Organization.

"In truth, James knows that no restitution is owed but seeks only attention for herself and retribution against President Trump," Trump lawyer Timothy W. Weber alleged.

Trump also complained about the New York attorney general on his Truth Social website, calling her, "Letitia 'Peekaboo' James."

"While James does nothing to protect New York against these violent crimes and criminals, she attacks great and upstanding businesses which have done nothing wrong, like the very successful, job and tax-producing Trump Organization that I have painstakingly built over a long period of years," he said of the family business he inherited.

The lawsuit would not apply to the Trump Organization.