Trump's 'detached from reality' rant in Georgia shows his brain has been captured by fringe weirdoes: CNN reporter

On CNN Tuesday, fact-checker Daniel Dale tore into outgoing President Donald Trump's litany of falsehoods at the pre-Georgia runoff rally in Dalton on Monday evening.

"No matter how outrageous the lie from the president, millions of Americans are going to believe it, and we know the president knows no matter how many times fact-checkers debunk stuff, he's going to be able to get it to his people through social media, through friendly media that doesn't do any fact-checking," said Dale. "Frankly, this is a long-term problem for the country, the willingness of tens of millions of Americans to believe outrageous misinformation. I don't know how to solve it in the short term."

"You fact-checked the president's rally last night," said anchor John Berman. "What stood out to you?"

"What stood out more than anything was just how detached from reality the president was," said Dale. "This was like up-is-down, egregious inversion of what is true. It's either the worst lying the president has ever done, or his brain has been completely captured by fringe internet weirdoes. It's so bad. Saying things like, I won the election. No, he lost. I won Georgia. No, he lost. The other side engaged in mass cheating, dumping of ballots, forging of ballots and throwing ballots in rivers, none of which happened."

"The president spent minutes reading from a script. That was the other thing," added Dale. "This wasn't him ad-libbing lies. This was a prepared text, so enabled by a staff that is encouraging him to tell untruths to the American people."

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