Trump pushing new conspiracy theory to delegitimize Biden White House: report
Official White House photo by Lawrence Jackson.

One decade after Donald Trump sought to delegitimize Barack Obama's presidency by pushing the racist birtherism conspiracy theory, Trump is now pushing a conspiracy theory against the new administration.

"Six months removed from his Election Day loss, Trump has emerged from his West Palm Beach hibernation — refashioning himself as the president of the Republican States of America and reshaping the party in ways both micro and macro," The Washington Post reported Friday.

"He has also privately revived his claims that he plans to run for president again in 2024, decrying what he views as the 'low ratings' of the Biden administration, said one person who has spoken with Trump recently," the newspaper reported. "He rails that President Biden is 'a disaster' and argues that 'Joe isn't in charge, everybody knows it's Kamala' — a preview of his likely message portraying Biden as an unwitting stooge of Vice President Harris, this person said. Nonetheless, Trump is not expected to make an official decision or announcement until after the midterm elections, an adviser said."

Trump could push his new conspiracy theory with fury generated by his rage at having more people vote against him than any president in American history.

"Trump's reappearance is fueled by an ego-driven desire to remain at the center of national attention, said former advisers and allies who are in touch with Trump," the newspaper reported. "The defeated ex-president is propelled primarily by a thirst for retribution, an insatiable quest for the spotlight and a desire to establish and maintain total dominance and control over the Republican base, said several former senior White House advisers."

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