Former Melania Trump pal says she's been cooperating with prosecutors 'for years'
Stephanie Winston Wolkoff and Melania Trump (ABC)

Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, the former friend of first lady Melania Trump, is now claiming that the Trump family tried to tie her to corruption on the Presidential Inaugural Committee (PIC) because she refused to go along with what she describes as their "grifting."

Taking to Twitter on Monday, Wolkoff responded to a Daily Beast report about the Trump committee noting that they tried to make her the fall gal for the corruption.

"It was their friends. It should never have been sent to the PIC. That’s misuse of funding. The Trump Organization being involved in any way and getting the PIC to pay any sort of balance anywhere on their behalf? It just doesn’t seem legitimate,” said Wolkoff, who did inaugural events.

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"I never went along with their grift or lies so they punished me by making me the New York Times covergirl of their graft for the Presidential Inauguration. I’ve been working with prosecutors for over 3 years," Wolkoff said in response to the article on Twitter. She tagged former federal prosecutor Glenn Kirschner.

"Thank you Stephanie @SWinstonWolkoff for taking the kind of principled stand that weak, sycophantic individuals like Meadows, Jordan, Perry, McCarthy & other members of #TheCoverUpCaucus will never take," Kirschner responded.

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