Trump just put on his ‘most corrupt display yet’ – according to this political analyst

Writing in the Washington Post this Tuesday, columnist Greg Sargent says that during President Trump's final rally is Georgia as Commander in Chief, he put on his "most corrupt display yet" by openly calling for Republicans to reverse the results of the 2020 election while "explicitly attacking officials for following the law and upholding democracy — in numerous ways."

Sargent wonders if there will be any "electoral penalty" Sen. Kelly Loeffler, who vowed to object to Joe Biden's electors in Congress when she appeared with Trump on Monday night. Loeffler, along with Sen. David Perdue -- who continue to refuse to say Trump lost in Georgia, are "in on the con," Sargent writes.

"The real sin, you see, wasn't Trump's potentially criminal effort to fraudulently overturn the election. It was the act of bringing that effort to light. Meanwhile, Loeffler and Perdue supported the Texas lawsuit — even though it sought to invalidate the votes of their own state's residents," writes Sargent.

The lie that Trump can remain in power has a singular purpose -- to turn out the base. "In other words, all this is necessary to create the deceptive impression that Trump's electoral fate is still unsettled, keeping them engaged. Telling Republican voters the truth — that he lost, that it's over — will depress energy and turnout."

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