'This is a Reichstag moment': General Milley legitimately feared Trump would launch a 'coup'
The top US military officer, General Mark Milley, said it was in no one's interest to continue fighting in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

On CNN Wednesday, anchor Anderson Cooper and reporter Jamie Gangel revealed stunning new information from Carol Leonnig and Philip Rucker's new book "I Alone Can Fix It," detailing the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff's efforts to defend the country from former President Donald Trump in his final days.

"CNN has obtained a series of excerpts, each really more alarming than the next," said Cooper. "In this one, general Mark Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, is reassuring his deputies about preventing a coup attempt. Quoting now from the book. 'They may try but they can't effing succeed,' he told them. 'We're the guys with the guns.'"

Gangel went on to explain that Milley was "shaken" by Trump's behavior and planned with other military leaders to prevent him from trying to stay in office.

"They believed there really could be a coup attempt by Trump," she said. "Milley views Trump as the classic authoritarian leader with nothing to lose.' And he's quoted as saying 'This is a Reichstag moment,' Milley told the aides."

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Anderson Cooper and Jamie Gangel report on Mark Milley's efforts to resist Trump www.youtube.com