CNN's Jim Acosta says Trump's 'big lie' has turned into 'the big cry' as he whines about losing in rallies
Jim Acosta and President Donald Trump (CNN)

CNN's Jim Acosta joined with Republican Margaret Hoover and fellow CNN analyst John Avlon to discuss former President Donald Trump's latest rally in Georgia.

The weekend rally was largely downplayed by the report that he still lost the Arizona election. In fact, he lost it by more than initially calculated, losing over 260 votes and Joe Biden gained 99. Still, at the rally, Trump trotted out his usual applause lines attacking Democrats, calling the election a "lie" and pledging a rematch.

"Look, the man continues to propagate falsehoods, factual -- like things that are factually not true, just blatantly not true," said Hoover. "Thank God there is no Pravda in this country. Thank God we have an opportunity to at least say to people on your show, Jim, 'that is not true,' and the former president of the United States continues to lie to people who support him. It is — I don't know how much different or how much more dangerous than anything else he's done previously, but let's not forget this man continues to be a menace to our constitutional democracy."

Avlon agreed, noting the moniker "the fraudit," which is how the Arizona audit became known.

"This was hyperpartisan with no experience coming in to try to prove a lie, the directing counting of hand ballots proved too much even for their conspiracy theorists' will to power," he said. "But that should make people who bought into the big lie be forced to confront the reality. Joe Biden won more votes according to the Cyber Ninjas than according to the original tally. What Trump is saying is, don't believe the truth, don't believe your eyes. Believe what I say. All he has are lies and ego at this point. Anyone who is still following him is therefore either a fool or a coward, especially if they're in political office because they know he's lying, but they're afraid to call it out."

Acosta agreed, saying that he doesn't want to call it "the big lie" anymore.

"I want to call it the big cry because he just goes to these rallies, and he cries," said Acosta. "He cries about the election. He cries about the border. He cries about Bush and Cheney. I mean, why would you go to a rally and stand out there for hours and hours just to listen to this man who can't get over losing cry and cry?"

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