Trump appears to have committed 'several federal crimes' -- and they're 'deadly serious': CNN's Elie Honig
President Donald J. Trump in the Rose Garden at the White House (Screen Grab)

CNN host Erin Burnett on Wednesday asked legal analyst Elie Honig whether he believes former President Donald Trump had committed a crime while in office -- and Honig didn't hesitate to say yes.

"I see several federal crimes here," Honig replied. "I'll be specific: It is a federal crime to deprive a state of a fair election. It is a federal crime to solicit false counting of ballots, false certification of an election. It is a federal crime to conspire against the United States."

Despite this, however, Honig said he was disturbed to not see any movement toward prosecuting Trump by the United States Department of Justice.

"I've not seen a single public indication the current justice department has any inclination to look at anything Donald Trump has done," he said. "But this is deadly serious and there has to be consequences. Imagine if there is no consequences for this whatsoever -- what kind of message does that send? DOJ has a job to do here."

Watch the video below.

Trump may have committed 'several federal crimes' -- and Biden's DOJ is asleep at the wheel