Why progressives shouldn't worry about the Jan. 6 committee making a criminal referral on Trump: Ex-prosecutor
Donald Trump / AFP PHOTO / Paul J. Richards

In his video blog Sunday, former federal prosecutor Glenn Kirschner explained that progressives shouldn't be concerned about whether the House Select Committee investigating Jan. 6 referring former President Donald Trump for criminal charges.

In a detailed explanation about his faith in the committee's lead lawyer, Kirschner said that even if they did refer to the Justice Department that doesn't mandate that the attorney general do anything. All the DOJ would do in response is thank them for the information and move forward with their own probe.

What the Jan. 6 committee could do is simply turn over all of the documents and information discovered in the over 800 interviews conducted. A full report would essentially make the case against all of those linked to criminal behavior in the lead up to Jan. 6 and the day of.

See the full explanation below:

J6 Committee Has the Goods on Trump But Debates Timing of Criminal Referral to DOJ for Prosecution www.youtube.com