Trump still faces criminal and civil liability for phone call to rig Georgia election: Law professor

On MSNBC Wednesday, Fordham Law professor Jed Shugerman explained how former President Trump is still potentially on the hook for his phone calls to Georgia officials trying to demand they "find" extra votes for him — both civilly and criminally.

"I think legal commentators have been too cautious and too wary of claiming exactly what is on that phone call," said Shugerman. "When he asks for the Georgia secretary of state to find votes, he's not in good faith saying, you know, look around, you know, the gymnasiums for votes, he's saying exactly find 10,000 xxx votes which could give him exactly the number. Just because someone thinks an election is not fair doesn't mean you get to print fraudulently 11,000 votes. That's a crime."

"People say, well, it is going to be really hard to prove that beyond a reasonable doubt," continued Shugerman. "That's not the status at the beginning of an investigation. We're talking about whether there is probable cause for investigation and indictment. And I think that's clearly met. So there is that question."

"I also think that we should be talking about his civil liability," added Shugerman. "I think that we could be seeing civil litigation and depositions to find out Trump's personal liability in tort cases for the insurrection, for the deaths and injuries that happened on January 6th."

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