Congress should immediately subpoena Trump lawyer involved in DOJ coup scheme: Ex-prosecutor
MSNBC legal analyst Glenn Kirschner (Screen cap).

On MSNBC Saturday, former federal prosecutor Glenn Kirschner suggested Congress should subpoena Jeffrey Clark, the Justice Department lawyer who, together with former President Donald Trump, concocted a plan to oust acting Attorney General Jeff Rosen.

"Here we are, two weeks away from Trump's impeachment," said anchor Lindsey Reiser. "Could this be part of it?"

"This could be part of it," said Kirschner. "This is a pattern of conduct where the president has tried to undermine a free and fair election, an election that every court in the land — state, trial, appellate, supreme court, and the U.S. Supreme Court — ruled there was no evidence of fraud. And, you know, I'm so glad you had Carol [Leonnig] on. I was reading her reporting in The Washington Post and this one sentence that nearly took my breath away as a former career prosecutor. She wrote that Jeffrey Clark wanted to send a letter to Georgia state electors wrongly asserting the Department of Justice was investigating voter fraud and Biden's win should be voided."

"This has the feel of not just the president trying to use the Department of Justice and his former lawyer, AG Bill Barr, to protect him, not just trying to use the Department of Justice to do favors for the president's criminal associates like Roger Stone and Mike Flynn — this has the feel of the president recruiting co-conspirators from the upper echelons at the Department of Justice," said Kirschner. "It looks like, based on the reporting, he found a willing participant in Jeffrey Clark. And if Congress doesn't subpoena Jeffrey Clark and if a grand jury doesn't subpoena Jeffrey Clark right now to investigate this, I would be surprised."

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