'Off the rails': CNN's John King slams Trump DOJ's 'abuse of power' going after the families of members of Congress

On CNN Friday, anchor John King blasted former President Donald Trump's Justice Department for the congressional spying scandal.

"They went after the records not only of elected officials, which is nuts. They went after the records of their family members, including a minor child," said anchor Brianna Keilar. "What does that tell you?"

"That tells you that it is just off the rails. There's no other word for it," said King. "Again, if you believe Chairman Schiff, somebody else legitimately leaked a secret, the government has a right to take certain steps. We all sign employment agreements. If you have access to sensitive information, you sign employment agreements and understand you're subject to scrutiny. There's a difference between legitimate scrutiny and abuse of power. And doing things, using the levers of government, especially this Justice Department, 'law and order,' the levers of any government. Any levers of government, but especially there on this to go after people. You're not supposed to do that."

"You can look at legitimate issues and then the challenge is, once you have it and this has to be done secretly because it's so sensitive, then lay your case out in public," added King. "This seems like a gratuitous abuse of power to get vindication, to be vindictive against people the president at the time did not like. A politicized, weaponized Justice Department."

Watch below:

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