Maddow calls out Biden administration on Trump's DOJ scandals: 'You have to fix this'

The host of "The Rachel Maddow Show" on MSNBC called on President Joe Biden to take responsibility for fixing the mess at the Department of Justice.

Maddow reported on efforts by congressional Democrats to investigate what went on at the DOJ during Trump's presidency.

She noted the House Judiciary Committee "basically issued a threat."

"A threat that the Justice Department, now, under Merrick Garland, needs to clean this up themselves and quickly — or else. Not sure I have ever really seen a statement like this before, but it's pretty remarkable."

She also noted the Department of Justice announced there would be an inspector general investigation.

"And that means, you know, some number of years down the road, we'll get the result of that inspector-general investigation, presumably," she explained. "It is upsetting, to realize — as jaded as we all are now — it is upsetting, still, to realize that officials involve understand that are, still, at the Justice Department today, people who were briefed on this, while it was happening. People, who were in the chain of command while decisions were being made to do this. People who took part in it, are still there under Merrick Garland."

"It is clear that the Justice Department, under President Biden, does not want the job of investigating and rooting around what went rotten inside their own department under the previous president. But even if they don't want that job, that is the job they have now," she said.

"The stakes of them getting that job done get higher with each new revelation about what else happened there under Jeff Sessions and under William Barr," she explained.

"In particular, I think that President Biden — just my, personal opinion — think President Biden put really high-quality, good people at the Justice Department. His appointees there, thus far, have been excellent choices — really good people with great experience and, presumably, great intentions. But wake up, you guys," she instructed. "You're going to work every day at an active crime scene and there's no other cops to call here. You have to fix this, you're the only ones who can. The country needs you to do this."