Legal expert warns of ‘widespread crimes in the White House moving forward’ if DOJ doesn’t indict Trump

As the House committee investigating the Jan. 6 Capitol riot gears up for its first hearing this Thursday, some Democrats are still critical of what they see as Attorney General Merrick Garland's refusal to hold former President Donald Trump and his allies accountable for allegedly helping to spark the violence.

During an appearance on CNN this Wednesday, University of Baltimore law professor Kim Wehle said that "we'll have to see" what Garland does once the Jan. 6 committee turns over to him the findings of their investigation.

"I don't think we can decide what Garland's gonna do until these hearings wrap up, quite frankly," Wehle said, later adding that Garland needs to be very careful to make sure he has a case "that can be won."

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"I really believe if Merrick Garland does not bring indictments, then we are potentially going to see widespread crimes in the White House moving forward," Wehle said. "There are no other checks and balances available now that impeachment has failed twice for crimes in the Oval Office under the Constitution."

Watch the video below:

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