WATCH: Trump vows to stop 'theft of the election' in 9-minute Twitter manifesto
Fox News screengrab.

In a nine-minute-long manifesto posted to Twitter on Tuesday evening, outgoing President Donald Trump reiterated his vow to stop what he called "the theft of the election" following his 7 million vote loss to Joe Biden.

In one section of the video, Trump bragged that "my campaign received more votes than any president in history" and touted Republican pickups in the House, which he claimed is evidence of a "thundering Trump victory."

"They want us to believe that Joe Biden, who seldom left his basement to campaign, somehow received 11.7 million more votes than Barack Obama," Trump whined. "It is historically, politically, mathematically, and logically impossible."

Twitter has already flagged the post as factually "disputed."

Watch below: