Trump’s latest lawsuit reeks of 'emotional fury' — and no judge will care: biographer David Cay Johnston
via David Cay Johnston, DC Report @ Raw Story

David Cay Johnston, who wrote a biography of former President Donald Trump, alleged during an MSNBC appearance Monday that all of Trump's desperate legal filings simply reek of emotional desperation instead of logical legal arguments.

"I think Leticia James' office will have to fight to get Donald to come and testify particularly because at some point you'll see the lawyer raise the bootstrapping argument," he said while discussing Trump's lawsuit against New York Attorney General Letitia James. "Donald is reduced to lawyers who are not well known but certainly know how to channel in their pleading his emotional fury at things going against him. The lawsuit itself just reeks of emotional rather than legal argument. That is how Donald works and it is not going to work with any judge."

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The other tactic that Johnston said Trump is using is to delay the cases as long as possible, a lesson that Roy Cohn taught him. That tactic, however, won't work.

"Unfortunately this lawsuit doesn't really raise the best argument he has against Leticia James which is that she is conducting a civil investigation and cooperating with the Manhattan District Attorney's criminal investigation and the lawyer who drafted this just glancingly mentions this instead of focusing on bootstrapping civil into criminal," said David Cay Johnston.

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Trump's emotional legal attacks won't work in court: DCJ