Evangelical nationalists see the world in 'cataclysmic terms' -- and have an 'authoritarian streak': Trump DHS official
Christian Leaders Lay Hands and Pray over Trump Official White House Photos by Joyce Boghosian

With the QAnon conspiracy movement presenting a threat to America, a top former DHS official in the Trump administration is warning of Evangelical nationalism in America.

Elizabeth Neumann, a former top official at the Department of Homeland Security, explained her views in a new interview with Poltiico.

"I personally feel a great burden, since I came from these communities, to try to figure out how to help the leaders in those communities," Neumann explained.

"Christian nationalism is "a huge theme throughout evangelical Christendom," Neumann says, referring to teachings that posit America as God's chosen nation. Christians who subscribe to those teachings believe the United States has a covenant with God, and that if it is broken, the nation risks literal destruction — analogous to the siege of Jerusalem in the Hebrew Bible," Politico explained. "In the eyes of these believers, that covenant is threatened by cultural changes like taking prayer out of public schools and legalizing abortion and gay marriage, Neumann says."

"[Christian nationalists] see it in cataclysmic terms: This is the moment, and God's going to judge us," she says. "When you paint it in existential terms like that, a lot of people feel justified to carry out acts of violence in the name of their faith."

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