'He's a former president!' CNN's Cuomo smacks down lawyer for Trump ally claiming he still has executive privilege
Chris Cuomo and Stanley Brand (CNN).

On CNN Tuesday, anchor Chris Cuomo shot down the arguments of Trump associate Dan Scavino's attorney, Stanley Brand, that his client is covered by the former president's claim of executive privilege.

"Now, in terms of privilege, I don't see this as a very deep well," said Cuomo. "We've never had a former president exercise privilege. It has been established in law that this is a privilege that goes with the office, for the benefit of the republic."

"That's not right, Chris," said Brand. "You need to read GSA v. Nixon, which unequivocally says that former presidents are entitled to claim the privilege. Now, whether it applies or not is a separate issue."

"But you're not reading it in context," said Cuomo. "Does a sitting president have the privilege of executive immunity? Yes. In all cases? No. Which is why the primary holding of Nixon v. GSA was seizing and examining records related to a former president that was still in control of the executive branch does not violate the separation of powers. The privilege ... is not for the benefit of the president as an individual but for the benefit of the republic, which means it has to make sense in context. He's not even a president. He's a former president. So when have you ever heard a former president assert the privilege successfully?"

Watch below:

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