Ex-House counsel obliterates Trump's complaint that denying him privilege would 'damage' the presidency
Norm Eisen, former White House Special Counsel for Ethics and Government. (Photo: Screen capture)

On CNN Thursday, former House impeachment counsel Norm Eisen tore into former President Donald Trump and his legal team for his executive privilege claims to block information from the House committee investigating the Capitol riot would pose a threat to the executive branch as a whole.

"Let's talk about President Trump's legal team," said anchor Jessica Dean. "They're making the case the January 6th Committee could permanently damage the presidency. Do you see any legal merit to that claim?"

"The permanent damage to the presidency that was done was when ex-President Trump incited an insurrection on Jan. 6th to attack his own government," said Eisen. "The disclosure that Congress is seeking here has the exact opposite effect, Jessica, of what Trump is arguing in his papers — as is so often the case, the truth is the opposite. Getting these documents out will advance the interests of the presidency by helping Congress to legislate and prevent this from ever happening again."

Watch below:

Norm Eisen swats down Trump team's claim that denying him privilege will "damage" the presidency www.youtube.com