Ex-FBI agent explains why there’s no way a court will give Trump executive privilege
Asha Rangappa appears on CNN (screen grab)

Tuesday evening a judge released her opinion that former President Donald Trump did not enjoy executive privilege as the former president of the United States. Trump's lawyers are quick to appeal in a case that is expected to go all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Former FBI Agent and Yale University professor Asha Rangappa explained to CNN that it isn't likely that Trump will be successful because it would "have really bad implications for the presidency."

She said that she doesn't think that the judiciary would go up against two branches of government.

"I think courts are unlikely to make sweeping pronouncements because that will affect the parameters for the executive branch for either party occupying that office," she continued. "And what the district court said here is look, we have a situation where the current steward of the presidency, the current president is in agreement with Congress. In other words, there's even less of a reason for the court to come in and wade into this political battle."

She cited Judge Tanya Chutkan, who explained that the law is written to have the existing executive control executive privilege and not previous holders of the office who are no longer in office.

See her full take below: