Trump called up Zuckerberg to whine about ‘deeply offensive’ member of Facebook’s oversight board: report

The social media giant Facebook has implemented an oversight board that has the power to overrule even Mark Zuckerberg. According to a new report from the New Yorker, the board will soon decide if it will allow Donald Trump back on the platform after he was banned indefinitely back in January.

According to the New Yorker's Kate Klonick, some of the board's makeup displeased Republicans who thought it had a liberal slant. Conservative groups pushed the company to make the board more sympathetic to Trump, and even offered suggestions to its membership, some of which included members of Trump's own family.

"The idea was, either fill this board with Trump-supporting conservatives or kill it," one person familiar with the process told Klonick.

In May, after the board's makeup was announced, Trump called Zuckerberg to voice his displeasure, especially about Stanford Law professor Pamela Karlan -- who had testified against him in his first impeachment trial.

"He used Pam as an example of how the board was this deeply offensive thing to him," the person familiar with the process told Klonick.

"Zuckerberg listened, and then told Trump that the members had been chosen based on their qualifications," Klonick writes. "Despite the pressure from Trump, Facebook did not change the composition of the board."

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