Trump falsely tells Fox News he was vindicated on healing powers of hydroxychloroquine
Donald Trump removes his coronavirus mask before giving a White House campaign address. AFP.

Former President Donald Trump joined Fox News host Sean Hannity Wednesday night to sing his own praises and declare that he was right about a litany of things.

His comments were similar to a news post that Trump's staff released on the website. One of those things he said he was 100 percent correct about was the power of hydroxychloroquine. Not only was he proven wrong about hydroxychloroquine, but some states that invested in the drug are also now losing money because they trusted Trump.

Oklahoma, for example, spent $2.6 million on the much-hyped drug to treat COVID-19. But when it came to May 2021, the state started scrambling to find places they could get rid of it before the drug expired.

"Oklahoma Attorney General Mike Hunter said Friday the state had reached an agreement with FFF Enterprises Inc. to take back the 1.2 million doses of hydroxychloroquine," reported Oklahoma Watch. "The agreement means the company won't face a lawsuit alleging the state overpaid for the drug, which is commonly used to treat lupus, rheumatoid arthritis and to prevent malaria. FFF denied overcharging the state."

"The state of Oklahoma is no longer interested in owning or possessing the products purchased from FFF Enterprises and has sought to return the products in exchange for a refund of total purchase price," the settlement agreement said, according to the report.

See the video of Trump below: