Legal expert sounds the alarm as Trump scores a surprising number of victories at the FEC

Filings from the Federal Election Commission show that former President Donald Trump "has over the last six years posted a 43-0 record in cases referred for possible violations," The Daily Beast reports.

According to The Beast's Roger Sollenberger, Trump successful record against the FEC is due to the fact that "none of the agency’s three Republican commissioners have ever voted against Trump."

"For years, watchdog groups, Democratic officials, and campaign finance reform advocates have criticized the notoriously deadlocked agency, whose six appointed commissioners are split evenly along party lines," Sollenberger writes. "These critics allege that the Republican commissioners have weaponized the even partisan split to jam up decisions, rendering the FEC toothless and 'broken.'"

Legal expert and Democracy Docket founder Marc Elias agrees.

"The FEC is broken," he tweeted this Wednesday. "The GOP Commissioners are shamelessly out maneuvering the Democrats. The staff is unable to recalibrate to the new reality. The result is an agency that doesn't enforce against the GOP and over-enforces against Dems to compensate."