Four books on Trump's last days paint a 'mind-bending' picture of the days leading up to the Capitol riots
President Donald Trump/Fox News screen shot

Multiple books about former President Donald Trump's final days in the Oval Office have been released in the past four months, and BuzzFeed News reporter Katherine Miller over the weekend sat down and read all of them.

The result, Miller writes, was a "mind-bending exercise," as she found that the books more or less told the same story, but had glaring discrepancies that raised new questions.

Any book can only contain information provided by people who were willing to be interviewed, which is why Miller finds herself particularly intrigued by some of the high-profile Trump officials who were entirely absent from the narratives surrounding his final months in the White House.

"Former Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin and then-acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf don't appear that much in the four books, particularly after the election," she explains. "Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo appears just a handful of times; he met with Milley 'shortly before the election' per Rucker and Leonnig and said that the 'crazies' were taking over."

The other strange aspect of the books, Miller writes, is trying to figure out exactly how Trump was being fed bogus conspiracy theories about the election.

"Take one of the memos from Woodward and Costa's book: Counsel for Graham, Lee Holmes, breaks down the inaccuracies and fraudulent claims about fraud in memos from Giuliani sent to the senator in early January," she explains. "The memo sounds at least somewhat similar to a strange memo ("Five States and the Illegal Votes: Why the November 3, 2020 General Election Was Not Won by Biden") described in Wolff's book that appeared under Jason Miller's name in early December."

While the books don't offer definitive answers, Miller finds they nonetheless show "a handful of poorly constructed claims were floating around in writing for a month" in the Trump White House.

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