House Democrats are finally close to getting Trump's Deutsche Bank financial records
Donald Trump at the first 2020 general election debate (screengrab).

Democrats in the House of Representatives are finally close to obtaining former President Donald Trump's financial records with Deutsche Bank.

Bloomberg reports that "Trump and House Democrats said in a court filing Monday that they are close to a deal resolving issues surrounding congressional subpoenas of his financial records from Deutsche Bank."

The two parties have thus asked the court to give them an additional 30 days to hammer out negotiations.

The House Financial Services Committee and the House Intelligence Committee subpoenaed the bank all the way back in 2019 in an effort to get more insight into Trump's potential financial conflicts of interest.

Deutsche Bank starting in the late 1990s became the only major financial institution willing to lend Trump significant sums of money, as other banks froze him out after he regularly burned them by defaulting on loans.

Trump infamously refused to release his tax returns throughout his years as president, despite having pledged to do so repeatedly in the past. A lengthy New York Times investigation on his taxes found that the former president repeatedly got himself into financial trouble and that he owes massive sums in personally guaranteed loans that are set to come due in the next four years.