NY AG says she plans to put the Trumps on trial as early as next year

In a court filing this Thursday, New York Attorney General Leticia James revealed her intention to start court hearings for her civil suit against the Trump family for business fraud as early as next year, The Daily Beast reports.

“OAG intends to seek an expedited preliminary conference to set a trial date before the end of 2023. Allowing for an expedited trial schedule on an enforcement proceeding after extensive litigation over subpoena enforcement is precisely the circumstance that warrants keeping this case before Justice Engoron in the interests of judicial economy,” wrote assistant attorney general Kevin Wallace.

After years of Donald Trump and his family's efforts to slow down the investigation, James filed a $250 million civil suit against the Trump Organization.

While no criminal charges will result from the civil trial, it will likely damage Trump's plan for a political comeback if the prosecution is successful.

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James' suit seeks to "strip the Trump Organization of its business credentials and bar it from borrowing money from any bank in New York—arguably the financial capital of the world. On top of that, a $250 million verdict against the company and its top officers could severely harm Trump’s finances and choke off the very corporation that propelled him into national stardom," according to The Daily Beast.

In his filing, Wallace argued that since the case involves "allegations of an ongoing scheme and conspiracy to obtain millions of dollars through fraudulent activity, and that defendants repeatedly have sought to delay the conclusion of OAG’s investigation, it is imperative that this case proceed quickly."

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