GOP strategists fear Trump could 'squat' on all the money he's raised -- and stiff Republican candidates: report
President Donald Trump (Screen cap).

Former President Donald Trump is raking in political fundraising donations, but some Republican strategists are secretly worried he'll pocket a lot of the money and never give it to GOP candidates.

Axios reports that these strategists are whispering about their concerns privately because they don't want to risk angering the twice-impeached former president.

Nonetheless, they confide to Axios that they're concerned about "a scenario in which Trump squats on hundreds of millions of dollars, rather than spending it on other Republicans."

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Axios also cites data showing how Trump-dependent many GOP fundraising operations are -- and how much they benefit him personally more than the party as a whole.

"22 cents of every dollar that GOP payment processor WinRed brought in last year went not to GOP midterm candidates but to two Trump committees: Save America and the Trump Make America Great Again Committee," Axios reports. "The two groups brought in more WinRed money than the National Republican Senatorial Committee and the National Republican Congressional Committee — combined."

A Trump spokesman dismissed these concerned and accused Axios's sources of being from the "the cowardly consultant-class" who are also "frauds who just can't deliver for their clients."