Steve Bannon praises 'genius' Mike Lindell for Thanksgiving plans
Real America's Voice/screen grab

Last week, MyPillow CEO and election conspiracy theorist Mike Lindell discussed his plan with former Trump strategist Steve Bannon to file a lawsuit demanding the reinstatement of the former president immediately before Thanksgiving.

Bannon praised this as a brilliant maneuver — because it could lead to discord on the holidays.

"What I love about this — they said, hey, if you just get Trump out, Orange Man Bad, and you get Biden, you can start having holidays again without arguing at the table and at each other's throats," said Bannon. "But Mike Lindell comes in, and he's going to go the Wednesday, the eve of Thanksgiving, on a marathon, so you can go back and have fistfights. The family squabbles. Lindell, you're a genius!"

Lindell has repeatedly claimed, with no basis, that election fraud rigged the results of multiple states, and has promised Trump will be "reinstated" as president when he can get a lawsuit before the Supreme Court. He is currently facing a defamation suit from Dominion Voting Systems for promoting conspiracy theories about their equipment.

Watch the video here.