Furious GOP official says Trump has done more damage to Georgia than anyone since General Sherman

Many Republicans are still furious at President Donald Trump for likely costing them the Senate thanks to his constant complaints that the state had "rigged" its election against him.

In fact, CNN's Manu Raju reports that one "senior Republican official" unloaded on Trump Wednesday by making a brutal Civil War analogy.

"Not since General Sherman has one man done as much damage, to as many people, in as little time," the official said.

William Sherman was a Union Army general during the American Civil War who is infamous in Georgia for his "March to the Sea" in which he and his men traveled from Atlanta to Savannah while leaving a trail of burned cities, farms, and infrastructure in their wake.

After comparing Trump to Sherman, the GOP official also slammed Trump for his unique skill in driving Democratic voter turnout.

"No one in the history of our country turns out voters like Donald Trump," the official said. "The problem is, the overwhelming majority of them vote against him and anyone loosely affiliated with him."