Trump golfing buddy arrested after groping his own dental patient — then unwittingly admitting it to cops
President Donald Trump rides on a golf cart.

The Washington Post reported Tuesday that a close friend and golfing buddy of former President Donald Trump has been arrested.

Albert Hazzouri Jr., a 65-year-old dentist who attempted to use his relationship with Trump to lobby dental regulations, was arrested last week and officially charged with misdemeanor indecent assault. According to the court documents, he is accused of groping one of his female patients after a dental procedure, said a piece first reported by the Times-Tribune in Scranton.

"In an affidavit, Scranton Police Detective Dina Albanesi wrote that Hazzouri offered to walk the woman to her car. Then — when the two were in a stairwell — Hazzouri allegedly told the patient to 'get on his back.'" She refused.

"Hazzouri backed up into her, wrapped his hands around her and grabbed her buttocks and squeezed them," the police detective wrote. He then is accused of grabbing her breasts and groin once they reached the bottom of the stairs. She then went to the police the same day.

Trump infamously bragged on tape that he can "grab women by the p*ssy," and that women let him do it because he's a celebrity.

While at police headquarters, the woman called Hazzouri on a recorded line at the urging of the detective, where he admitted to what he'd done.

"He stated it was a mistake and [he] didn't realize he did it until after it was over," the detective wrote in the court documents. "He apologized and offered her free dental needs as long as she lives."

He's charged with three misdemeanors which carry two years in prison for each or up to a $5,000 fine. He was released on $75,000 bail.

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