Trump hilariously mocked for hitting losing golf balls in the water: He 'can't see his feet let alone the ball'

For reasons passing in understanding, TMZ is still following former President Donald Trump and reporting on his golf game. On Sunday, the disgraced president couldn't make it through his own golf course and kept hitting balls into the water.

"TMZ obtained video of the moment Trump teed off for the fairway shot ... and it's pretty fascinating to see," the site wrote. "Watch for yourself -- Trump takes a few half-practice swings, with some kind of weird wobbling of the club, and then finally steps up and gives it a good whack."

Trump established the Bedminster club in 2004 so he hasn't had as much time to play that course. He typically visits the club during the summer when Florida is "too hot."

Trump tapped out at 298 days of his 4-year presidency golfing, a total of over 43 weeks, according to Trump Golf Count. That is just shy of an entire year he spent golfing. The cost to taxpayers for Trump's outings ran about $146,000,000.

The golf-fail earned Trump mockery from those online, specifically calling out his notorious move of cheating. Check out the comments below: