'Holy dementia Batman': Hannity's Trump interview reminds viewers why they are 'so happy he's not president'
Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump is interviewed by ABC News on June 16, 2015. [ABC News]

Over the past several months, former President Donald Trump hasn't been seen much on television. He's pushed out a lot of press statements, he's called into several shows, he's spoken to a few conferences and done a few rallies, but he's largely stayed away from the Fox News interviews he once loved.

Speaking to Fox host Sean Hannity on Tuesday night, Trump patted himself on the back for the work he did in Afghanistan and attacked President Joe Biden on the work he's done since taking office.

Among the many statements viewers found bizarre included Trump's urging to get vaccinated and wear masks, but only if you want to. Trump also bragged that he told the military that they needed to "blow up the forts" in Afghanistan upon leaving the country.

There were a lot of opinions about the interview you can see below: