Hillary Clinton uses Trump’s tweets against him in ‘drily humorous’ lawsuit motion
Official White House photo by Lawrence Jackson.

The infamous @realDonaldTrump Twitter account was permanently suspended two days after his unsuccessful coup attempt, but the legacy of his publicly posted statements has become evidence in his lawsuit against Hillary Clinton, the Democratic National Committee, and others.

In March, Trump filed a lawsuit accusing Democrats of an "unthinkable plot" in 2016 to make him look like Putin's puppet.

On Thursday, defendants responded with a 69-page motion that was signed by 33 attorneys.

The fourth citation in the motion is a "series of tweets" by Trump.

As is the fifth citation. And the sixth.

The sixteenth citation involves Trump's permanent suspension from Twitter.

Politico senior legal affairs correspondent Josh Gerstein noted, "I'd also note this motion is one of many we've seen in the past six years or so trying to best Trump in court by using his own tweets against him, in this instance to show he understood the basic Russia allegations and who was pushing them back in 2016 and should've sued then."

Gerstein described the filing as a "drily humorous motion."